Eclipse Innovations was founded in 2014 with a vision to grow the broadcast industry, in both radio and Television. Eclipse is a customer focused company and our vision is based on the customer. It is our goal to find solutions for our customers as well as provide viable solutions to any and all possible scenarios. Our motto is perfection comes with experience, and we strive for perfection in every aspect of our day to day business in order to maintain our level of customer satisfaction.

With the two aspects of experience and perfection, success is flow that will come naturally. And ultimately that is what we aim for in any sale, system and project we are involved in.

Eclipse have established strategic alliances globally with suppliers who are willing and able to provide support for all requirements of the broadcast industry. Working with these alliances has allowed us to assist in every way, for every need.

We have since expanded in our focus since the launch of Eclipse with a full software development division. We build customer specific systems to ease work flows as well as management on an internal as well as productivity tool.

Our founder, James Garden has over 10 years experience in the broadcast industry with a wealth of knowledge and information to help guide customers as well as advise on all aspects of broadcast in radio, television and business development.

Andréa Reitz, head of development at Eclipse with over 15 years experience in software development and integrations. He has implemented management and broadcast tools in many of the main TV broadcasters in South Africa.

The synergy found between broadcast and development has proven to be a great pairing creating customized solutions that is unique to our portfolio.

We remain to be a customer oriented company and make sure to meet and exceed all expectations on all projects.


Eclipse Innovations – Perfection comes with Experience

Areas of business:

  • Turnkey studios, Radio – We design and build turn key solutions for both the analog and digital workflows. Assisting in community radio is a big part of this, growing the industry and educating the inexperienced entering the broadcast environment.  

  • Turnkey studios, Television – Working hand in hand with clients; we consult, design and integrate a customer specified system to meet their desired requirements as well as build in the infrastructure for future growth and channel development.

  • OB Vehicles – With an in-house coach working facility we are able to customize and build vehicles to our clients exact specification. Working hand in hand with our clients we are able to build a one off unique products to meet the exact client specification

  • Technical Furniture – Built in the same factory as our OB vehicles, we manufacture custom studio furniture for our clients to their exact specifications.

  • Content Management – Our products enable you to centralize and simplify your entire workflow creating a easy, user friendly working space 

  • IP Connectivity – With our strategic connectivity partners we are able to supply our clients with broadcast spec connectivity over fiber, wireless connectivity or satellite.

  • Sales – We stock, manufacture and sell off the shelf products from local and international suppliers. If it is required in the broadcast realm, we have it.

  • 2nd hand equipment sale – We have a variety of used equipment which we have acquired and make available for rental or sale.

  • Software development – Complete management, design and implementation of the software development life cycle. Custom backend and frontend software solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Customized applications – We classify this as special projects. We develop custom designed systems to better the production value for our clients. Projects such as live jockey cameras, cricket stump cameras and rugby line out cameras